Percy Priest Bass Fishing

Percy Priest Lake is home to plenty of great Bass, and Percy Priest Bass Fishing Guides will make sure you’ll have a memorable day of catching them.

Merv Johnson has done plenty of Percy Priest Bass fishing. He has gained insight in their yearly patterns and can track them down in any given season.

As always, daily differing weather conditions have an impact on our specific approach to what type of structure we put our clients on or which method we will apply.


Percy Priest Bass Fishing

Fate Sanders Marina near Smyrna is where we usually start our trips. Merv Johnson says: “we’ll deploy anything and everything to get you onto the Bass.”

In addition to the fishing method, the location is always adjusted to the behavioral patterns we have established over the years. In the wee hours of the morning we may be casting close to shore. Whereas the occasional Bass can be caught on atypical baits, we usually stick to buzz baits or spooks.

Later in the day we tend to head to deeper waters away from the shoreline and major points. Instead, we’ll cast into shallow channels of 8-10 foot depth with different lures, like crank baits and other rigs.

The fish’s patterns are fairly easy to predict. Larger Bass that have been caught and released a time or two in Percy Priest Bass fishing tournaments, usually don’t venture far from their favorite stomping – or rather ‘swimming’ grounds. Past spawning season it can be as little as 300 feet in radius.  To us, Bass fishing is a science of its own. Properly applied, it helps our clients catch more and bigger fish.

Whether you are looking to pre-fish for an upcoming Bass tournament or just want to catch them for the fun of it: call Merv of Nashville Fishing Guides today to book your Percy Priest Bass Fishing trip. With their professionally rigged boats, baits, and profound knowledge of the Bass areas and patterns, your day of catching – or your upcoming tournament – will be a blast!

Fish With: Merv Johnson (615)-635-3783


Please be sure to have a valid Tennessee fishing license at the time of your trip! BUY HERE or check out your closest bait shop or sporting goods store.


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