I’d like to welcome Mark Adams to Nashville Fishing Guides.

Mark is one of the premier bass guides in the Nashville area. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, along with a very pleasant personality, good equipment, great boat and a serious desire to catch fish and to put clients on fish.

Mark WILL put you on fish and almost always get them to bite. He knows the bass’ tendencies for each season, what food sources they key on at certain times of the year. Mark has spent a number of years learning the bass habitats and locales they frequent throughout the changing of the seasons. Plus, he knows J Percy Priest and Old Hickory inside out. Not only will Mark take you out fishing, he is more than willing to impart his knowledge of the quarry you seek. He can teach a novice how to cast, where to cast and what to cast to better improve the odds of catching fish.

And he is willing to let the client “lead” if the client so desires. Some bass fisherman just need a boat and gear that they don’t have with them on the trip.

When you are fishing with Mark, you will be using his personal fishing gear, the gear he uses in every tournament he fishes. You won’t be using second rate “client grade tackle”. He wants you to succeed in catching fish and he gives you the absolute best equipment and baits, baits that he throws when he is pleasure fishing or tournament fishing. There are no short cuts or “second rates” with Mark.

If you are visiting the Nashville area for a conference, a vacation, or just here with a spouse who has business, and want a pleasurable morning or afternoon fishing trip, call Nashville Fishing Guides at 615-635-3783 to set up your trip!

But reserve your date early as the slots fill up quickly starting in March.Mark Adams Fate Sanders 9lb bass Mark Adams Mark Adams 3 Mark Adams 1 Mark Adams 2