But it was a beautiful day to be on the lake!Bill and Sydney Sydney reeling Bill's first hybrid Another bill hybrid Bills White bass Bill and Sydney

I’m a day or two late with this posting because I didn’t have a photo of the lovely Sydney, the prettier half of this pair. Had to wait for them to see my message and send me a couple.

We had a VERY TOUGH DAY of fishing, not only catching, but even trying to FIND fish to fish for. It was like the fish had left the water and taken refuge on the islands. Very scarce indeed, for us anyway, on J Percy Priest lake.

We managed to boat a few, but unfortunately, it was very few. A guide’s worst day is when he can’t put his clients on fish. If they are found but don’t want to bite, that happens. But when you can’t find them! That’s horrendous.
Thanks Sydney and Bill for not firing me in the middle of our trip!