Fished a cold, wet Jan 2, 2020 with Dad Ron, sons Mike and Ray.

Started out trolling for hybrids and white bass. One hour, two white bass.

Decided to do some jigging as everyone was getting bored, wet and down in spirits.

Found a school of white bass and it was pandemonium for the next thirty minutes with guys hooking one fish after another, landing fish, losing fish, get lines tangled together as they fought some of the biggest white bass I have seen.

Many were 1 1/2 lbs.

Had eight hybrids in the mix, two were short and had to go back but the six that they kept were 4+ lbs.

Two yellow bass rounded out the mix for a total of 60 fish in three hours.

Winter fishing is great here in Nashville, weather depending of course. If it’s clear days, sunny skies, and high pressure, it’s gonna be a tough day. But if it’s overcast, or rainy, low pressure, it is common to have 50 fish days.

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