Gary Pike Randy Randy againGot out fishing with Gary and Randy Wednesday afternoon and it was a tough bite.

The cold front that came in slowed the fishing down A LOT! Still managed to catch 12 hybrids and one catfish (not pictured).

We got rained on a coupla times and when we were leaving off the lake, the skies opened up and it was a wet ride in.

Not a real bad trip, could have been better….and it could have been worse.

I loved the way the guys watched and learned how to set lines with the side planers. After a bit, they basically took over rigging the lines and setting them out. Definitely welcomed by me as we usually have 6 side planers and two back rods, takes some of the stress off of me and let’s the fishermen stay actively involved in the whole fishing experience.


Thanks Gary and Randy, had a great time with you guys. When you comin’ back??