Sean's 5.5 lb channel cat 4 lb'er No chance Big onesFished with Sean from Springfield Saturday, blistering hot in the afternoon.

He was kind enough to help me catch bait before we went hybrid hunting and it was TOUGH, both the bait catching and the hybrid fishing. Pleasure boaters out the wazoo, jet skiers everywhere and wakeboarders had the fish scattered and not in a feeding mood.

Welcome to weekends on JPP!

But we persevered and managed to boat 8 fish. Probably the biggest was the channel cat that inhaled a threadfin shad, tipped the scales at 5.5 lbs.

Sean was a lot of fun to fish with, very knowledgeable about fishing and helpful to the max, taking a bunch of the work and strain off of me.

Wish we hadn’t of had to deal with the boating public, but such is life on the weekends at any public lake.

Thanks Sean, hope to fish with you again!!