Being a guide does not mean your clients will ALWAYS catch fish.

Sometimes you get to where the fish are and they just refuse to cooperate!

Today seemed to be such a day.

Went out with Eric and his son Jacob, and Jacob’s buddy, Jack, for a little early morning hybrid fishing.

Somebody forgot to tell the hybrids they were supposed to have breakfast between 6:00 AM and 10:00AM!

Jacob caught our first hybrid at 6:40 AM, a nice fat five pounder, good start for the day.

7:10 followed up with a fatter 7.5 lb’er, landed by Jack.

Dad, Eric, decided to forego his turn and let Jacob have another shot at a big fish….and he got his wish.

When the balloon rod buckled, I knew Jacob was in for the fishfight of his life! This fish made him WORK FOR IT!!

And in reality, it would have made any of us sweat, it was a for real fattie, tipping the scales at 10.10 lbs, a very nice fish for anyone.

Jacob was obviously all smiles after that battle and I was all smiles too as I revived it and it kicked out of my hand, headed back into the murky depths, living another day to give some other lucky angler a battle to remember.


But, ALAS, that was to be the end of the action other than a few stolen baits. Try as I may, I couldn’t entice another fish to hook up. It seemed like they just cruised out to the river channel and suspended there and couldn’t be coerced into snacking.

The worst part of being a guide is when you are on the fish, but the fish won’t bite. Every guide I know wants the clients to catch fish, that is why the clients hire us. Unfortunately, we guides have no control over the feeding desires of the targeted species, we are only subJacob's first ever hybrid, 5 lbs 10.10 again Jack's 7.5'erject to their whims and fancies.