Double up! Another double!! Lou Anne again Lou Anne and Scott Scott Dulaney Lou Anne Merv and ScottI think I enjoyed this trip more than my clients, Scott and Lou Anne Dulaney from Nashville!

The fishing started out a little slow but the conversations were extremely interesting and informative.

It was good getting to go out with another combat veteran….from totally different eras. Me from Vietnam and Scott from Iraq, both of us had unique experiences in our times in service.

But, alas, the fish just had to butt into our conversations and the next thing we know, we’re boating so many fish at one time that instead of having 8 rods fishing, 5 are laying in the boat and we are still pulling in fish. Pandemonium like this is what we live for, rods going off all over the boat, trying to get one fish landed so we can get to another jumping rod!

I could not have asked for greater clients and I hope we get to do this again.

We stopped for drinks and a potty break at Fate Sanders marina, then headed off to our next great round of fishing……and then the lightning in the sky caused prudence to squelch desire.

So we turned around and called it a day, sadly. I hated to see the trip end but hopefully it will happen again!

Thanks Scott, and your lovely wife, Lou Anne, for giving me a wonderful afternoon.