Took two client out. Client 1 caught 43 fish, mostly yellow bass but did have a few white bass. Client 2 had 16 fish, which were mostly yellow bass but he was also able to land a few hybrids. I fished here and there and was able to catch 25 fish, which were hybrids along with a couple white bass, two catfish and a handful of yellow bass.
This was a slow bite day, strong west winds, very chilly on the lake.


Took one client out. Between the two of us, we caught 128 fish between 11-3:30 primarily jigging 1/4 ounce spoons off the bottom.
Took one client out. Kinda tough bite, fish were really scattered, never found our schools of hybrids and whites. We had to travel around and pick up a few here and there. We were still able to catch a mixed bag which included white bass, hybrids, yellow bass, drum, largemouth and catfish. Total count for the day:  78 fish.
Took three client out on a bluebird sky day. 96 fish total, definitely much bigger fish today than the last 2 days.
  • Client 1: 38 fish and definitely BIG FISH 15.2 # striper
  • Client 2:  24 fish, smallest fish, and a couple 7+# hybrids
  • Guide: 34 fish, had a BIG FISH got cut off by trolling motor, couple 7-8’s.