Will and Jack Windblown Will Da Guys Tim, Jack and WillThe boys had a fine morning of fishing with Nashville Fishing Guide, Merv Johnson, this windy, rainy (off and on) Saturday.

Landed a total of 8 hybrids and 1 white bass but had 10 more fish unwilling to come to the boat and made good their escape. Such is the nature of the hybrids, they don’t give up easily.

Dad, Tim, gave his son, Will, (curly blonde hair) the fishing trip for his birthday present.

I’m sure it was a day he’ll not soon forget due to the fish caught, the wet and wild ride back to the marina where the spray from the waves crashing against the boat was blown back into the boat by 30-40 MPH winds.

Needless to say, all on board were soaked to the gills when we docked at Elm Hill Marina.

But everybody seemed to enjoy the outing and the fine table fare at Shipwreck Cove at Elm Hill Marina after the trip, waiting for the storm to abate.

Thanks for the trip Tim, enjoyed having you guys aboard!