Jacob gettin after'em Hog of the day Blake nails it! Jacob's striper Big as he is JohnSpent the last two days fishing with some of the finest gentlemen in the south this weekend.

Had Daddy Kyle, who is more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, with his sons, Matthew, Jacob, and Blake, plus Grandpa John. A person could not ask for a better group to be on the boat with. Gentlemen all, a pleasure to be around.

Grandpa John spun tales of fishing in Alaska, carefully backing away from grizzlies, to catching salmon and trudging the streams to get to the next lake where abundant trout ignored their varied offerings, to hungry trout that ripped lines and snapped them like they were thread. Made me wish that I was there to do the fishing part…..not the bear thing though!

We had some slow times and then we had some exciting times. Grandpa John hooking into the biggest hybrid (8.25 lbs) of the day right at the end of the day. Middle fella Jacob was wearing them out, never losing a fish and landing one on Sunday that rivaled his Gramps 8.25’er of the evening before.

Seeing as how I’m the guide reading the scales, I’m calling Jacob’s fish a very solid 8.26 lb’er!!

Matthew landed a hybrid on Jacob’s boat that looked to be about half as big as he was, coming in at a solid six lbs.

Blake didn’t catch the big ones but that would be my fault. He had a hawg on and was handling it just fine until the fish stripped line and got to the backing, which was only 10 lb test vs the 20 lb braid that had been stripped off. When the fish got to the 10 lb backing , it easily snapped it, leading me to believe that he had the biggest fish of the weekend. Sadly, guide error! Call me a big dummy Blake and I’ll accept it. Next time, I’ll make sure to have a stronger backing!.

I could not have asked for better clients, they were all a pleasure to have on board.

Looking forward to our next trip fellas, whether it be chasing crappie in the spring or hybrids in the summer, we’ll GET IT ON !