Percy Priest LakePercy Priest Lake is one of Nashville Tennessee’s little known gems. At 42 miles long it covers 3 counties with 14,200 acres of surface area at summer pool. Locals know it as the go to place for summer fun of all sorts.

Due to it’s proximity to Nashville it has that unique charm that the South is so well known for. When visitors really start checking into Percy Priest Lake, they can find most anything they desire to create the vacation of a lifetime. Minutes away from the exciting nightlife that Nashville is famous for it’s a sharp contrast and great way to unwind and settle in for some serious relaxation. So if the hustle and bustle of big city vacations aren’t your gig, or you just feel like winding down, then you can visit the lake for swimming, camping, boat rentals, or even a guided fishing trip.

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We’re family and kid friendly! And we think there’s no better way to cap or start a vacation than taking a half or full day trip onto Percy Priest Lake for some great fishing. We have the hot spots, professionally rigged boats, the baits, and state of the art gear to enhance the likelihood of your success.

Veteran guide William Brown has over a decade on Percy Priest Lake pursuing Crappie, Bass, and Big Stripers. Merv Johnson retired to Nashville 3 years ago and has been fishing and guiding with William ever since. According to Merv, in that time William has taught him every thing he knows… William on the other hand is staying mum on the subject.

Call William or Merv today and book your next Percy Priest Lake fishing trip!

Fish With: William Brown (615)-479-4069

Fish With: Merv Johnson (615)-635-3783

Please be sure to have a valid Tennessee fishing license at the time of your trip! BUY HERE or check out your closest bait shop or sporting goods store.

Fish With: Merv Johnson (615)-635-3783


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