Karl's first hybrid Karl's first ever striper Eric's 7.75 horizontal Eric's 7.75Had Karl and Eric out last Friday…(7/24/15) and the fishing was (and has been) tough. Bluebird skies, hot, no wind, everything you don’t want when you go fishing.

Eric had dibs on the first fish and it was the biggie of the day, 7,75 lb hybrid. Then he got to feeling the effects of the partying the night before and asked to be taken ashore.

Karl and I labored through a tough morning of not marking fish even though we traveled approx 15 miles of water, searching for a good school of fish, never to be found.

We did finally manage to boat 3 hybrids, 1 striper, one LM bass and one catfish. Not the best day I’ve had all year and not the worst either. Fishing gets tough when the water temps hit 86-88 degrees.


I have to hand it to Karl, he was a real trooper, hanging in there til the last minute, not worrying about the heat or lack of bites, just content to be on the water and fishing. This is a guy you could fish with EVERYDAY!!