Haven’t posted the last few trips, got busy with home chores.

Fishing has been fine the last week, just the catching was slow!

But it picked up yesterday evening!

Had an awesome afternoon/evening as a GUEST, fishing with JK Travecca (AKA Jason).
We met at Vivrette Creek ramp about 4 PM then set out to catch bait (threadfins being the targeted species).

Bait was tough to come by and it was fairly windy. After about 45 minutes we had roughly 19 baits (coupla gizzard shad in the mix) and decided to go fishing.
Hauled a** off to Jason’s secret spot…..so secret he made me wear a blindfold and even used a black magic marker on his graph to cover the coordinate display on his graph!!
So we go right off of party cove and start setting lines, fishing live bait about 30 ft deep and trolling along at 1.3 mph.

Soon we get into a good school of fish and a rod next to me goes down. I am just reaching for it when Jason come charging from the other end of the boat, shoulders me, grabs the rod and cranks in a fat little 3 lb hybrid.

Getting up off the floor, I get the net, net the fish.unhook it, weigh it, take a picture of him and HIS fish, resuscitate the fish and watch it swim away.

After this scenario is replayed a few more times, I start to think maybe I got in the wrong boat and would never get to catch a fish.

HA! WRONG! Jason was hanging out the back of the boat doing a tinkle when a rod goes off in front by where he HAD BEEN sitting. Him being distracted by trying not to dribble down his leg, gave me the opportunity to grab the rod, smirking all the way!

As I heroically hauled in arguably the largest fish of the trip (11 ish lbs.) I was grinning like the infamous Cheshire cat. Karma is awesome!

It was a great trip for in just two hours, we caught 10 fish from 3-11 lbs, some good sized fish in the mix.

So, I’m hoping my shoulder heals by next week when I have trips booked and I’ll be able to hold a rod again.


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