Fished with Salty (Jonathan Soultatos) Thursday on JPP, looking to hook up with some hybrids.
Fished up in the Stones river for an hour or so, had one right away and later had one on but it ran me into a snag and had to break it off.
Took off and did some scouting for a while and settled into afternoon fishing downlake.
The bite was really slow and never did pick up. We managed to catch10 hybrids and two largemouth bass all day, staying until 8 o’clock.
Throwing a castnet, we caught a lot of gizzard shad but nothing really as small as what the fish wanted Couldn’t find the threadfins I had found on Monday evening.
Luckily, I had some shiners and small bluegills and that is what caught the fish.
Full moon and minor cold front=slow day of fishing.
We only caught one that was photo worthy and that just barely. 5.46 lbs and caught on a fluke, my first on a fluke in a looooooong time.
5.46 lb hybrid-Merv