Merv and JakeI thought today was going to be a great hybrid/striper trip after yesterday.


Set out lines this morning right after daylight, had a hit right away but the fish got off after a few seconds. Minutes later, young Jake caught a fat 5.5 lb hybrid. This is going right along with my expectations for the morning.

And…then…n o t h i n g….for the next two hours………..marking fish all over the place, but they would not bite anything. Flukes, hair jigs, live shiners, nothing. We might as well have been dragging pictures of Rosie O’Donnell around for as much action as we were getting.

Finally made a decision to switch tactics and try to TRIGGER bites by dragging Alabama rigs in front of their noses. And that worked…..kinda….somewhat…..a little bit around the edges.

We did manage to pick up a few nice hybrids in the 5-6New 5.5 Jake's 5.5 Stuart's crappie Jake's fat white Stuart's double 2 lb range plus a cool double with a hybrid and a white bass on the same A-Rig.

But it was a disappointment compared to the day before.

Hopefully the fishing will just get better and better as the water warms up.

Tight lines everyone!