Fished with Bill, (the good looking one) and his sidekick, Tom starting at 5:30 AM Monday morning. It was a beautiful day to be on the water, slight breeze, not yet hot enough to make you break a sweat, and the anticipation of battling some 10+pound hybrids.

After an hour the anticipation turned into hope. After the second hour without a bite, hope turned into prayer. After the third hour and still no fish, prayer turned our thoughts to dynamite! But I had forgotten a lighter and neither of my guests smoked so there we were, cases of dynamite wanting to fish….and no way to light it.

FINALLY, one little fish god took pity on us and hooked a small hybrid on a line. I fell to my knees and thanked the responsible (whoever it was!) fish god for giving up one of HIS scaly creatures for our benefit.

After a tumultuous 30 second fight, the mighty Tom wrestled the behemoth aboard, aided by his trusty right hand man, Bill.

I did the honors of taking photos of a fish, the likes that had never been seen aboard Nashville Fishing

yacht. I had trouble fitting it into the viewfinder of my wideangle lensed phone/camera. This is a photo that will grace the pages of Nashville Fishing Guides Facebook page, as well as Mervin W Johnson Jr.s Facebook page, for many hours and minutes to come. Probably to be replaced tomorrow as Jennifer and Jason plan on eclipsing this gi-normous fish with one of their own.

Thanks Bill, for an act of generosity that was greatly appreciated, unexpected, and decidedly undeserved. You, sir, are a true gentleman and humanitarian.


Bill and Tom