Shudda wrote this last night but was tired from fishing most of the day.
Fished with Runkle Ken and Johnny Kommavongsa on Percy Priest, looking for some WEBS (whatever bites).
Found over 100 of them!
Morning started slow in Pooles Knob, watching for birds diving on bait. They weren’t much help. We started casting white spoons and soon one of the guys hooked up a nice white bass.
I was watching the Livescope and noticed the fish were right on the bottom. Started jigging and hovering just off the bottom in 10′ of water, started catching them quick.
This action lasted til 7:45 then it stopped.
We switched to trolling Storm Thunderstick jr deep crankbaits and caught some nice fish but I also ran across some big schools of hybrids.
Pulled the cranks and went back to jigging, catching some BIG (8.69, 7.65, and 6.6) hybrids.
I have to give @KenRunkle kudos for being the big fish master of the day.
Big hybrid of the day…8.69 lbs…Runkle
Big Bass of the day…3.39 lbs…Runkle
Big catfish of the day…6.6 lbs..Runkle
Big yellow bass…12″..1.07 lbs..Runkle
Don’t remember who caught the big white bass…2.04 lbs
Same with crappie but no monsters 14″ was the biggest.
Once the school of hybrid/whites scattered, we deployed Arigs and steady caught hybrids off the edges of the river channel.
When that pattern died, I searched until I found some trees that had fish in them, spotlocked on them, turned on my Bobo Thumper and finished out our limit of white bass. We already had our limit of hybrids in the livewell.
Tally for the day…..
39 Hybrids, threw back MANY 5+ lb’ers
45 white bass
2 crappie
One LM bass
One catfish
Over 25 yellow bass, 14 of which I brought home and fileted.
Johnny Kommavongsa had prepared a treat for us and when we got back to the parking lot, he broke out a huge smoked pork shoulder and ripped it apart on the tailgate of his truck. Me and Ken were acting like seagulls hitting surface bait, diving in and grabbing chunks.
All in all, a very rewarding and fun day with a couple of great guys and very good fishermen.
Although I feel I may have tutored Ken a tad too well.
Before he met me, he had not done any jigging for fish and now he is (obviously from the earlier stats) a master of it.
Kudos to Ken and Johnny, great day on the water, guys!